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YES  entry  to  the  grounds  are  free!

NO the WIZZ FIZZ  Trick or Treat Trail  is complimentary  for  all  children. Our free Trick or Treat Trail presented by WIZZ FIZZ is the safest way to Trick or Treat in Melbourne!

The Halloween Festival lives on! Spooktober is an all weather event. It’s Melbourne in Spring so be prepared for all sorts of weather! The haunted houses are indoor attractions and most activities on the grounds will be partly covered. The  haunted  house  lines  are  only  partly under  cover  so  we  recommend  bringing  an  umbrella  if  rain  is  predicted  for  your  wait  in  line


There are many Games & Amusements for children on the grounds, as well as our free WIZZ FIZZ Trick or Treat Trail.  Our  games  and  activities price  list  will  be  included  on  our  Facebook  page. Games  and  actvities  include  Dr  Evils  craft  lab,  SFX  and  Face Painting, Costume Competitions hourly, Spooky  stage, roaming entertainment, a Food Truck Village, and Haunted Spirits Bar for the over 18’s to enjoy a drink to calm the nerves. 

Entry to the festival grounds is free and open to everyone.

Limited street parking is available. Please observe the parking signs in the area. More info about parking here.

The Drop Off Zone for the festival is located on Brighton Road.

There is wheelchair access to the grounds of St Kilda Town Hall via all entrances on Carlisle Street and Brighton Road.

 The Coven tours are wheelchair accessible. However, due to a particular scene, sadly, Phobia is not wheelchair friendly this year.

Yes! We run Costume Competitions every hour during the festival hours  sponsored  by  Lombard. These are held on the Spooky  Stage  on  the main steps outside the Town Hall.

The Town Hall is home to 2  Haunted House experiences.  The Scary  Tours of  The Coven  and  Phobia  run during daylight hours and our haunted houses residents will  be welcoming  but  be  warned  some  props  may  frighten  young  children and anyone afraid  of  the dark. As night falls upon us the After Dark Tours begin. Brace yourself as the doors of The Coven and  Phobia  creak reopen for anyone brave enough to  night  our  haunted  house residents  show  no  mercy  to  the  frightened  or  the  brave! Please  note  this  year  we  have  an Escape  Room  on  the  grounds,  can  you  ESCAPE  THE  SWAMP?

Tickets can be booked online here. Door sales will be available if not sold out prior. We recommend pre-purchasing online to avoid disappointment. Please note that there are no refunds for this event.

Yes  there  are  family  tickets  avaible  for  2 adults  and  2  children . If you have a large booking of 15 or more, please contact us at for a group discount.

Each walk- through tour takes approximately 15 minutes, but this can vary depending on the pace of each individual/group.

No, both of our haunted houses are a self- guided walk through tour but the haunted  house residents will help guide (scare)  you through.

The haunted houses are a fully immersive halloween experience. Once inside the hallowed walls of each haunt you will be absorbed into the creepy and sinister worlds within. Our state of the art sets have a host of scares, props, animatronics, audio/visual effects and live actors! There will be low visibility, strobe lighting, fog and other tricks that we can’t give away. Flash photography, video, drinking, eating or touching props or actors is not permitted inside either attraction.

No problems, contact us straight away and we’ll sort you out: / Spooktober Hotline: 1300 212 263

Yes, strobe lighting is used in parts of each haunt.

You bet! We want everyone to feel safe, even as we’re scaring the crap out of you! Spooktober Halloween Festival is a family friendly attraction so any obscene language, pushing, violence, drunk or poor behaviour may result in your removal from the attraction. Spooktober reserves the right to refuse entry to, the Haunts, or remove from the Event Grounds, any person smoking indoors or behaving in an intoxicated, disorderly, aggressive, offensive or dangerous manner or in any manner which would be a potential threat to security or the smooth operation of the Event.

No thanks and here is why will be dark. This means your eyes [and other guests’ eyes] quickly adjust to the low light. Your camera’s flash may hurt others’ eyes and annoy them – detracting from their tour experiences. Fog used inside the attraction also ruins flash photography. There will be plenty of photo opportunities on the festival grounds.

No, it’s a fully immersive walk through experience.

No, there are no minimum or maximum height restrictions for this event.

This is dependent upon demand. During peak times you can expect to wait approx. 30 mins, but wait times will vary sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control. You are not permitted to enter the tour queue lines until the TIME BLOCK stated on your ticket. 

No, this is the time you are able to enter to the tour entry line. During non-peak times, there may not be a queue at all, but generally expect a wait of approx. 15-30 minutes once entering the queues. Wait times may vary. If you don’t like to wait in line we have a VIP Express Pass which means you can skip the general admission queues with priority entry into both haunts. There are only limited number of VIP Express Passes issued per day so get in quick before they are all gone!

There are emergency exits located throughout each attraction. If you become too frightened to complete your tour please alert an actor and they will assist you in finding the nearest exit. Please note there are no refunds given for our tours.

SCARY  TOURS  FOR  THE  COVEN  AND  PHOBIA: due to the scary themes, care must be taken to assess the suitability of very young children to the exposure of this attraction. It is at the discretion of the Parents/Guardians to decide if it will be suitable for their child. We have SCARY TOURS running 4:30pm - 6:30pm daily, advised for children above the age of 6+ to enjoy a fun Halloween experience that is scary but  not  terrifying. The  haunted  house  residents are friendly  and  there  will  not  be  any  intentional  scares. Some props may be frightening to children, PHOBIA  does  contain  some  extreme  themes  of  horror  and  gore  and  some  extreme  experiences. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians are advised that it is their responsibility to supervise their children at all times.

From 7:00pm each night, darkness descends upon THE COVEN and PHOBIA and  the scare levels are ramped up with our AFTER DARK TOURS. THE COVEN and PHOBIA  AFTER  DARK  tours are not suitable for young children. It contains extreme themes of horror and gore and is advisable for an MA12+ audience. 

As this is a timed event, please be on time for your tour. The time on your ticket is the time that you may enter the queue. Late comers will be permitted entry at the next available time slot.

Yes, tickets are transferable.

There are a maximum of 6 people to each tour group so that you get the full experience of each haunt.

Yes, however we recommend purchasing tickets for the same date and time slot to make this possible. To ensure the best experience groups are no bigger than 6. However if you’re a larger group, your friends will be right behind you if you book the same tour block time – tours are approx. 1 minute apart.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your booking time to familiarise yourself with the Festival. You will not be permitted to queue until the TIME BLOCK on your ticket. Late comers will only be permitted at the next available TIME BLOCK.

Attendees are not permitted to touch the actors and the actors are also instructed not to touch attendees, although  they  will  get  very  close and  some  props  may  make  contact. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur.

You bet! That’s what Halloween is all about. Please bear in mind that everyone’s scare level is unique and personal. Fear is relative for each person and cannot be defined by age, sex, race, religion, etc. It is our aim to cater to a wide range of scare tolerances so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the haunted season. We have developed numerous attractions and activities with this in mind, whether you’re a Halloween chicken or an extreme fear thrill-seeker. If you have any questions on which attractions are best suited to your comfort level or that of your children, please get in touch with us or HOTLINE.