FEAR: "an unpleasant- often strong- emotion
caused by anticipation or awareness of danger"

The only thing to fear is fear itself - and  Blood  Manor. 

On All Hallows Eve, when the sun sets, and the witching hour approaches, Blood Manor's doors will open and welcome you in for a night of pure terror.

Beware of the Manor's former resident.  He left the Manor in the dead of night after committing heinous crimes, leaving behind him a trail of his bloodied crimes.  The elusive psychopath is at large and is sometimes spotted in  the windows of Blood Manor, followed by random puddles of glistening blood by the front door in the morning. 

He is rumoured to return to Blood Manor to relive some of his most heinous crimes. We haven't seen him for a few weeks. We think it's safe to go inside but we can't guarantee anything. You enter Blood Manor at your own risk.  Live your worst nightmare. 

Feel your way along the derelict, dark and deserted hallways, filled with blood-curdling screams from those who pass before you.  Cool breath on your neck reminds you that you’re not alone...


ARE YOU READY To face your fears?
Scare level - extreme warning: includes graphic content and gore. Recommended for mature audiences 12 years and older
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